2018 Appearances

September 16th, Brooklyn Book Festival: 11 am at Borough Hall Courtroom and 1pm at Center       Stage (Columbus Park)

September 25th, Williams College, 7pm

October 2nd, Gladstone Hotel Ballroom, with Darnell Moore and Rinaldo Walcott, 7pm

October 9th, Books Are Magic, with Nicole Chung, 7:30pm

October 12-14th, Southern Festival of Books

October 16th, Odyssey Bookshop, 7pm

October 27th-28th, Texas Book Festival

October 31st, Brickell Avenue Literary Society, 12pm-2pm

November 3rd, A Public Space, 2pm-5pm

November 10th, Portland Book Festival 

November 14th, Columbia University, 7pm

November 17th-18th, Miami Book Fair

November 30th, Authors Guild Philadelphia, 7pm